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Stressful day at work like whaat?!!

Now to indulge in this sometimes (always when it comes to gender identity and presentation) problematic show.

Still it’s nice to come home to this <3


Make it werk and twerk cabron@s!
Amor de mis amores

So I was tagged in a selfie “challenge” where you are asked to post selfies that you’ve taken over time. To make it easier I decided to stick to my photobooth selfies. 

This is me throughout they past couple of years (mostly freshmen year of college). 

STarting with the first selfie I ever took on my laptop (Con mi Abue)

and ending with the Selfie that started a wave of self love and creation in my life (taken January 2014).

I must say that this took me about 2 hrs to do. and it was amazing.
Hella tearing up a bit- it’s been a fucking ride!
Can’t believe I’m coming into my last year as a FUCKING UNDERGRAD!

LIKE WTF!!! Damn mi juventud- el PARIIII- Lo Desmadroso!!!
FUCk. like it’s beautiful. You know at every step I’ve been like this is it- I can’t get better- and every time I’m wrong-because it does.

*deep breath*

Un brindis- con mi empanda de piña y vaso de agua- A LA VIDA.


Xoxo Luis

If a movie is to ever be made of me

There needs to be at least one scene of a kid (second grader) putting on their mother’s bras, dresses, and heels. 

*Looking in the mirror hella inspired and happy-walking back and forth like it was New York fashion week.*

Then adding the lipstick in front of the mirror after locking themselves in-
*flashback to a moment of the child watching their mother putting on their makeup *con ojos de admiration*) Then the child looking at themselves the same way- head cocked a little back -lips open- then making that popping sound at the end as they rub their lips together.

Ok gracias
-Peace out
Xoxo Luis

Watching project runway.

When I was younger- well I’ve always loved to draw.
I started by drawing womyn. Like a cartoon princess type.
I’d draw them with long gown. and I’d always add flowers with drapery
in-between each flower (almost like a cake).

Then I got really into designing their clothes. 
So I would start to draw clothing- dresses, skirts, tops, shoes

I remember once I though I had invented a butterfly top. I had the vision that when the person wearing it would open their arms you’d have this fabric extend and it’d be like butterfly wings. Shortly after I saw a butterfly crop-top.. And throughout the years I’ve seen that vision of flow-y things- but hmm never butterfly wings…

Maybe who knows!

All to say that for a REALLY long time I wanted to be a fashion designer- it’s what kept me drawing/inspired my drawings for many many years.

Blah blah blah- project runaway is entertaining.

It’s just my quesadilla, a candle, Project Runway and myself tonight baby.

Also*PS* Quick Add** My greatest sewing acomplishment (BY HAND) was a blue turquoise thong I sewed for myself- OMG it was lovely!!! And I was like in middle school. I remember coming into the room and showing my brother.. HAHAHAHA!!! -Oh shiiit…

Too many crazy memories =)

Okay now peace out for reals…  =)

Xoxo Luis


I just want to cry..I feel it in my chest. Esta felicidad- that only comes from the bitterness of destruction.

Selfless selfie.
Guiness Word Record
Longest earring.


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