Wiychy Princesa Greñuda.

Sometimes your past self has to save your present self.

I really don’t want to wake up one day and realize all the time that has passed and how I was afraid to dream, love, and be everything I wanted to be.


Condoms- brown stained love letters.

LFCVenegas 2014.

Siempre Quise Ser Princesa.

Queer trans* portrait.
LFCVenegas 2014.

Blinded by the sun.

(Source: byut, via wild-nirvana)


Hi-res on Ello

As I begin to heal and creating to heal
I m confronted with parts of myself that do not want to heal
Parts of myself that have been afraid to let go of pain

Parts of myself that became comfortable in the pain

-it’s all I’ve known

it’s what’s familiar.

What happens as we shed daggers from our hearts.

As we let go of trauma, pain, ands resentment?

Let me tell you-

you don’t have to worry about what comes next

because whatever it is, is more beautiful and far reaching than anything you could imagine.

Allow yourself to heal.

Allow your light to shine.

Know and believe that you deserve to be loved.

And it starts with loving yourself.

"Looking at myself through a colonial white supremacist hetero cis patriarch lens."

LFCVenegas 2014.
Digital Art.

Siempre quise set princesa

Sonar con las estrellas
Y bailar con los espejos

Quiero una fiesta.
Con un vestido de color rosa

Con lirios entre mis chinos

Bailando el Valz 
Sequido por una sorpresa.

Quiero soñar con las estrellas.

Que mis padrinos paguen mi pastel tres leches.
Y me vendiga el padre incad@ frente la cruz.

Quiero despertar tod@ un@ Xic@PrincesaXingon@.

Altar a La Muerte.

Ceramics// mixed media

LFCVenegas 2014.

El Sol y la Luna
El pajaro Que canto

Su corazon espinado.

LFCVenegas 2014
Ceramics mixed media

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