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The sweet smell of incense

penetrated my room-seeping in through my window- reminding me to let go. Be calm it whispered.
And in an instant
-an exhale released me of the heaviness I was holding.

And I moved on.

Anxiety= trying to heal 20 years of internalized-taught-learned trauma in one year.

Luis F.C. Venegas.


They are a real person.

Fun with them fake dollar store tattoos.
Perhaps it was bullshit.
Perhaps it was love at first sight.

Echoes of Silence. (A walk home.)

There’s a calm in the night tonight,

The sort of calm that only exists after a storm.

The stillness of the streets and trees.

The darkness , for the first time at peace.

There was so much said 

-so much discovered in the echoes of silence.

Ciao II.
Walkin down the street.

A letter to students in my former high school:

A Letter to Camino Students.

Wooosh! This year was a big one. SO much happened- so fast, and in so little time. I’m going to begin with the word of the year “BOUNDARIES”. This year I learned boundaries. What they were, where to set them and how to respect them. Boundaries started to come up in all aspects of my personal life which in turn affected my external relationships, work and school. I’m not going to sit here and write about how easy it was and how I accomplished it 100%, but I will say that it was and is a beautiful journey. Suddenly I found myself loosing a lot of friends and having to redefine life for myself. It is incredible how large of a shift changing one thing can make in one’s life. I will say it was difficult and I am still on the path of redefining a lot of things for myself- letting go of some, stumbling upon others, and ultimately re-imagining my future. 

It’s a lot! Woah, I can not believe that as I write this I am coming up on my last year as an undergraduate student here at CAL. It’s been a ride! A beautiful, anxiety-driven, sometimes tragic one, but amazing none the less! I’ve learned so much, seen and done so much. 

As I try and recollect the memories and experiences of these past few years, I cannot go without mentioning the beautiful souls and faces of the folk I have had the pleasure of meeting. Honestly, it is because of them that I know I came here. It really was not for the degree. For me it was to grow as an individual. 

I say this because as I approach the end, I find myself revisiting dreams I had as a senior in high school. 

 Dreams that almost kept me from making the journey through this four year institution. The thing is, that now it is going to be different. I know it is not going to look and feel the same. I am now leaving with a whole new mindset. And though it pains me to say this, this experience has freed me in more ways than one. It pains me because this is a privatized institution (not everyone has the opportunity to be here- esp. folk from the hood) and I HATE that I had to come here to feel and be who I am today. Pienso que we should all have this opportunity, and though college is not for everyone- we should all have the choice. 

As far as academics, work, and personal endeavors go, this year I was able to work with inner city chillen

 teaching them art. I developed my own curriculum-using art as a way to start conversations of identity, dreams, and family. I was able to create more for myself, grow as an artist, and I was able to heal more aspects of myself- respecting and setting boundaries as well as taking agency over my body, thoughts, voice, and actions.
Si les pudiera ver sus caras y decirles how big the world is. DON’T STOP! Keep PUSHING. Keep PURSUING. Don’t let folk tell you you can not do it! And definitely do NOT let the white man keep you down. You are beautiful. Tu lo vales! Trust your heart, soul and journey.
I am over the moon about what this year has in store.  Until then, take care of yourselves and keep on pushing on, because this world needs more individuals like yourselves-never doubt that.
Y pues los dejo con una quote de Assata Shakur (Tupac)-Y dice:

“It is our duty to fight for freedom. It is our duty to win. We must love each other and protect each other. We have nothing to lose but our chains.”
With love,

Luis F.C. Venegas.

Cozy Sunday.

"If you want to learn what someone fears losing, watch what they photograph."

- Unknown 

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