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Pedasitos de mi corazon
Puto .
Pedasitos de mi corazon
Rebirth. Anxiety-Mad gifts.
Es un processo
Healing realmz

Cada pintura, creación mia- es un hogar abierto-mi corazon- para quien lo necesite.

Each piece a safe space. CHoose a piece of a painting-Or choose the whole thing. Allow yourself to get lost in it. What do you see ? What do you feel? What worlds does it create for you?


The mushrooms so far- still gotta sprinkle granular ilmenite on the biggest one but lookin’ good so far!


there is an urgency to create every piece.

To make new “words” to express what it is I’m

feeling, thinking.

Without my creations I feel lost.

-Lost in translation.

Lost in a language that’s been made and defined for me.

Lost in the language of the colonizer.

See, with every piece I create I add more “words” to the new language.

A laguage geared by freedom.

A language for the


the displaced
the mad gifted.

The creation of a new tongue- without words.

The begining of a revolution.
Of a movement.

Of a brighter, more colorful world.

Each piece becomes a safe space, cultivating 

freedom, individuality, and support.

Hay otros como tu.

You are not alone.

my creation is my language. Influenced by spanish. Geared by mi cultura Mexicana. This language-aborderland-of past present future and ancestral lives. Generations of trauma cultivate este lenguaje nuevo -el comienso de el sanar. A new language -la remedia para mis regalos locos.